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As Co-founder of Acuity, and founder and president of Sanmita Inc., Sanjeev develops innovative digital solutions for Higher Education, Nonprofits and Government entities.

Sanjeev started his first company at the age of 22 yrs, out of college in 1994 and in 3 years made it the largest ISV company in North India , winning Suzuki Car as the prize. He created the first automobile dealership software for TATA, one of the largest automobile companies, the owner of Jaguar and Land Rover brands.

In 2004, Sannjeev took charge of Cornell University’s Web Group with a budget deficit of $500,000 and turned it around in 3 years to a $1,700,000 revenue and positive cash flow. In 2008, he headed the financial evaluation and consulting project for the Opportunity Bank, with the goal to help them acquire the 2nd largest bank in Eastern Europe.

In 2010, Sanjeev headed the digital communication strategy for the Lab of Ornithology and received prestigious Webbys Award for the launch of AllAboutBirds website. In 2012, He created VideoSight, the patent pending technology to deliver high definition videos over low bandwidth conditions. The technology’s application in the entertainment market was assessed at $15 million in the initial valuation by the outside investors.

He is currently serving on the board of a biotech startup and a real estate venture.

Sanjeev holds an undergrad degree in Digital Communication and dual MBA from Cornell University and Queen’s University.